1 – How do I get a WETT inspection or WETT certificate?

Answer: Appliances cannot be WETT certified.

We frequently get requests for a “WETT Certificate,” a “WETT Certification,” a “WETT Approval” or asked if it’s a “WETT Certified installation.” We also get requests for companies that are “WETT Certified.” All of which are incorrect. What should be issued is an inspection report, done by someone who is WETT certified. This is a common misconception we are working hard to clear up.
There are no legal requirements in Canada for a person to be WETT certified in order to perform inspections. However, many insurance companies are insisting that the inspection and/or installation and/or maintenance of wood-burning appliances and equipment be performed by someone who is WETT certified.
If the person performing the inspection is NOT WETT Certified, how do you have any confidence at all in their knowledge, inspection ability or level of inspection they will perform?

2 – What is a SITE Basic Inspection? / What are the levels of Inspection?

Answer: SITE outlines three levels of inspection.

Level-1 Inspection – “Readily Accessible”
Level-2 Inspection – “Accessible”
Level-3 Inspection – “Concealed Accessibility”

3 – Which Inspection level do I need?

Answer: SITE is a set of standardized guidelines and procedures that are recommended by WETT for the inspection and/or evaluation of wood-burning systems.

Realistically, I will try to make this simple for you.  To be certain you are getting the job done properly and not putting your family at risk, start with a Level 2 Inspection.  Level 1 will usually not inspect the chimney properly, not go in the attic, not inspect chimney liner, etc.  It is simply far to basic an inspection for most situations.  Furthermore, you will also want to ensure the inspector is also a Certified Chimney Sweep or a Certified Technician, these can be verified on the WETT website.  Why?  Because these individuals are doing enough of the work to do it properly, far too many inspectors who simply are SITE Basic certified do the occasional inspection and end there, they got the minimum they needed to do inspections and nothing more.  When you life is at risk, and it costs no more, do you want the most basic you can get?

4 – What is the Cost of an Inspection?

Answer: Inspections will vary, typically based upon work required and how far the inspector has to travel. 

A Level 3, which may take a full day or more to perform will cost more than a Level 1 inspection.  Some Level 1 inspections are completed in 10 or 15 minutes and during a Home Inspection are thrown in for free!  A Level 2 inspection, if done with the Home Inspection will take an additional 45 minutes to 1 hours in most cases to perform, and if done by itself will take 1.5 to 2 hours.  If performed with a Home Inspection – either a Level 1 or 2 will be less costly.

5 – What kind of report will I get?

Answer: With a Level 1 report, you will typically get the WETT approved inspection templates, one for the wood burning appliance/flue pipe and one for the chimney. 

This should be the VERY minimum provided.  These should have the WETT Inspectors number on them, and be signed and dated.  With a Level 2, there will be very likely the same WETT approved forms, as well as a written report.  

6 – How long is an inspection report valid for?

Answer: The nature of any inspection report is that it records what was seen at the time of the inspection. 

After completing an inspection report and leaving the premises, the inspector has no control over, nor knowledge of, any changes that may take place to a wood-burning appliance installation. Consequently, an inspection report can only warrant what was seen and recorded at the time of the inspection.

7 – How do I find a WETT-Certified Professional?

Answer: Go to the WETT website and perform a search, or call me and I will have the verification done for you.  Within the past 12 months there have been individuals advertising as being WETT certified in the Midland area who were not, and subsequent action by WETT was taken to prevent this in the future.  Protect yourself and be certain.

9 – What type of WETT Certified Professional do I need?

Answer: WETT certifies individuals in many areas of wood burning appliances from sales, installation, maintenance and inspection.

To perform an inspection you should have somebody who has at minimum the
Technician or Chimney Sweep Certifications, if you are able to find a SITE Comprehensive Inspector, then this is a bonus as you now have the best of the best for the inspection service.
Technician – These are individuals who can install or performance maintenance on wood-burning appliances. They can also perform a level-1 or level-2 inspection.
Chimney Sweep – these are individuals who can clean and maintain your entire wood-burning system, including cleaning the chimney. The can also perform a level-1 and level-2 inspection.
SITE Comprehensive Inspector – These are individual who can perform level-1, level-2 or level-3 inspections. These individuals are also technicians and/or sweeps.