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With the Multiple Offer Sales all the rage, I have taken the time to work out a Walk Through Home Inspection before you finalize the offer, and keep in mind this can potentially save you a tremendous amount of grief, headache, not to mention thousands of dollars. 
Unfortunately with multiple offers, there are a many individuals who have across Ontario lost considerable money simply because they did not have any opportunity for a proper Home Inspection.
The Walk Through Home Inspection is custom tailored to meet these specific needs.  
What is a Walk Through Home Inspection, And Does It Replace A Regular Home Inspection?
During the walkthrough you are focused most often on architectural design, floor coverings, new conveniences and many cosmetic items which are important to comfort and living in the home with your family.  However, you neither have the education nor the time to focus on the structural, mechanical and electrical conditions of the property.  The Walk Through Home Inspection is designed to focus on these areas and to offer the real estate agent or potential home buyers a system to spot a few of the promptly available main imperfections or deficiencies in the major components and systems of a home. 
The Walk Through Home Inspection however is not intended to, nor does it have time to provide the ability to detect all flaws, problems and/or occurrences that may live in a certain home, but is designed to attempt to uncover at least the critical ones.
Do I Need a Walk Through home Inspection?
The Walk Through Home Inspection will provide the expertise of a trained professional to take a look at the home and attempt to uncover major deficiencies.  It however is unable to find them all due to time constraints, which sometimes are limited to an hour or hour and half.  Practically it is impossible to perform a proper Home Inspection during that timeframe, and the client must understand this.  It is intended as a solution which attempts to reduce risk but can not eliminate it. 
Some also get a walk through Home Inspection if they have found what they feel is a great home, but want a second opinion. 
What Is Involved In A Walk Through Home Inspection?
The Walk Through House Inspection requires, on average, around one to two hours.  Keep in mind this is seriously reduced from the average of perhaps three hours or more for a proper Home Inspection.  Key areas simply will not be looked at in details, however our systematic approach does ensure that each important area does get covered.  
Do I Get A Report With The Home Inspection?
Yes.  EVERY SINGLE Home Inspection MUST have a written report. 
First any credible Home Inspector is bound to a written report by their Standards of Practice. 
In fact the ASHI Standards of Practice states “provide the client with a written report, using a format and medium selected by the inspector,”  The InterNACHI Standards of Practice states “general home inspection report shall identify, in written format,”
There are some Home Inspectors who apparently offer walkthroughs without reports, be very careful.  They either are in non-compliance of the Standards of Practice or maybe they simply do not follow any at all and do the Inspection in a haphazard manner that conforms to no professional recognized format.  I am not sure but just cautioning you to beware.
Secondly all the Insurance companies I am aware of demand a written report as well, so is the Inspector insured?  Perhaps not.
However in summary to help you I have developed a systemic approach to this type of Home Inspection which is not in violation of the Standards of Practice, provides a written report and the information you need to make the right decisions.
Do not underestimate the benefit of a walk thorough inspection, book an inspection today.