Many Home Inspectors offer several services, and these services integrate with each other to provide the client with a seamless and effortless experience.

Most homes I inspect are not horror stores, in fact many homes have only two or three items of significance.  However, this knowledge still provides a significant Peace of Mind for the buyer.

However, having said that most homes do have many items which are in need of minor attention.  Often these are general maintenance items, such as filter replacement, however part of the Home Inspection is also education for you, the buyer.

Many of these items are fairly easy to correct, and often times the buyer is comfortable in performing these tasks themselves.

There are a few homes however that do have a major defect, or sometimes even more than one. Items which need some attention immediately.  These are important items to highlight, however it is equally important to not overstate these items and be an “alarmist” as well as to not ignore these often important items.

A Home is a major purchase, and a proper Home Inspection is important to help you make that critical purchase decision.

At Wells Home Inspection Services, I do not simply point out items with defects, but also help you to understand how these items work in the home, what the implications are and what you might need to do to correct these defects.

I keep updated on the building science and techniques by ongoing education as well as doing renovations on the side during winter months.  Often the renovations are performed on century homes, these are by far the most difficult and require the greatest amount of skill and knowledge to perform correctly.

There are many types of Home Inspection Services, ranging from the ones on brand new homes which can include the PDI inspection or the end of year Tarrion Inspection.

If you have a new home and need help with the pre-delivery inspection, or are nearing the end of warranty, we can help.