Welcome to North Simcoe Photography.

Most of my photography work today is done in the digital domain as is to be expected by most. However there is a film side to my work which dates back to the 1970s timeframe! Yes film! Having said that most of the film work I do today is in black and white, and black and white landscape images can be special in some circumstances and film can add something that can not quite be captured in digital, which is what many are still realizing and the film images are actually coming back. In fact Kodak has recently reintroduced some colour film which has been out of production for years due to the demand! So yes there are more and more getting back into film and there are reasons for that. But, if film is not what you are interested in then of course there is always the digital format which is always very nice.

I generally go out and simply spend time taking photos, lots of them and then spend time reworking to what I like. A lot of the work is done with no particular subject matter in mind at the time, but that is not always the case and special subject matter is sometimes chosen.

Landscape is also part of what I love and enjoy and will spend days at that as well but it goes further!

Yes it goes further, although I have not mentioned before I do capture great lakes freighters and other boats or ships, rail and trains, sporting events and other areas of interest.

If you have an area of interest and I have not mentioned it then please do ask.

Some ask why I don’t post a lot of photos and there are a few reasons. One is I have had photos stolen in the past, so never publish the best work at highest resolution and detail and the second is it is a lot of work to get it online.

Generally when it comes to wildlife and nature my goal is to make it look as close to what you saw as is possible and you will see few artificially enhanced images although there will be the occasional one in the mix.