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You are going to have a Home Inspection.  You want the best possible outcome from the Home Inspection report.  You can actually help!!  And no, it is not by trying to hide things from the Home Inspector, as we will either find it or disclose the item as inaccessible for inspection which can be as bad as finding a problem.

Please take the time to ensure I have access to all the areas needed during the Home Inspection process.

No, I will not tear your home apart and will not cause any damage.  Systems are not dismantled, walls are not broken into, a Home Inspection is non-invasive.

However, we do need access to critical areas of the home.

Ensure all utilities are connected, turned on and operational. It is difficult to properly inspect a home without working electricity and heat. Please clean up under sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. I need to look at the plumbing and water supply in these areas.
 During the Home Inspection, I will need access to the electrical panel(s), furnace, water heaters, central vacuums, gas and water shutoff valves, sump pumps, etc.  Please try and ensure access to these areas are not blocked. I need access to the attic.  This often times is in a closet, and is full of clothes, boxes, whatever. It is helpful if you could clear this area allowing access to the attic hatch.
If you have pets, it is preferable if you can put them in a cage/enclosure designed for them.  Or perhaps take them with your for the duration.  Pets, in particular dogs, often can make the process more difficult. I usually like to have the buyer at the home during the Home Inspection.  It makes the Home Inspection go more quickly and smoothly if you could make arrangements to be away during the Home Inspection. Generally a three hour window is adequate for the inspection process.
 If it happens to be winter, please make sure the driveway is clear of ice and snow. I realize that if you are selling, you will be packing.  However, please do not have every packed box crammed into a corner in the basement, I need to see the foundation walls.

Many homeowners have a mixed feeling and anxiety about having their Home Inspected.  This is natural, I felt the same way when our Home was Inspected, even though I knew every single crack and crevice in the entire home.  All homes have some problems, none are perfect, if you have particular concerns please contact us in advance or leave a written note on the kitchen counter.

You will not get a copy of the report, however if there are serious safety items found, I will notify you or your realtor.