Odor Removal The Permanent Natural Way
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If you are listing a home and it has an odor present, what do you do?  How do you safely, naturally and permanently remove that odor?

Well, there is a natural method used in nature, created by thunder storms.  The fresh smell you may experience outside after a thunderstorm has passed by.

But, the first step is to ensure the source of the odor has been removed.  Once gone we can then fix the problem.  Call today to fix your odour problem before you list the home.

Yes Ozone (O3) is natural, consisting of only oxygen molecules, and has a very short life of 20 to 30 minutes before breaking down into the more stable oxygen form of O2.  Ozone uses only natural cleaning odour removal technique and zero chemicals in the air, in fact once the ozone has dissipated only a fresh natural smell remains!  What you want to sell your home.  Realtors – if you want a demonstration in your own home or car please let me know.

We provide a solution to many day-to-day odor problems.  Ozone is effective as a method to eradicate odors, bacteria and mold.  (note for mold if the conditions to grow still remain – it will return – also note that the mold spores, although dead, will remain and may still impact some with allergies )  

Ozone can be used to treat cigarette smoke, animal odors, cooking odors, sporting/sweat odors and many others.

What Is Ozone? 

Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidizing and disinfecting agent which is composed of three oxygen atoms combine to form O3. It is a bluish or colorless gas with a very characteristic odour. Ozone is highly reactive and is itself unstable, nature causes it to rapidly decompose to oxygen, leaving no residues.

Ozone is present in the atmosphere in small concentrations, which are increased considerably in urban areas or after storms. The energy released from lightning produces ozone naturally, resulting in the fresh smell after a thunder storm. Ozone can also be generated mechanically by exposure of oxygen to a high energy electrical discharge (corona discharge), which is the process on which my ozone generators. 

Ozone will oxidize any susceptible substance such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and any organic matter it is able to reach. During oxidation, the weak bond within the Ozone (O3) will split leaving oxygen (O2) as a by-product of the reaction.