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Should I Get A WETT Inspection With My Home Inspection ?

Because you are asking this question; I am assuming you have a wood stove, fireplace or wood burning appliance in the home you are getting inspected. Perhaps your insurance company, realtor or even lawyer suggested you have a WETT inspection.[...]

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What Is A Proper WETT Inspection?

Well, some will try to argue.  But bottom line is what is the point in having a WETT Inspection unless it is done well. Few things to ask and remember. Is the rain cap pulled off and inside of chimney[...]

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Home Inspection – Cottage Inspection – WETT Inspection

Busy time of year; but that is great.  A Home Inspection at Lafontaine Beach area yesterday; went well.  A Home Inspection in Collingwood this morning and a WETT Inspection in Penetang this afternoon. Don’t forget to find a Certified Master[...]

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Guide To Getting Your Wood Burning Applicance WETT Inspection Right

So you need a WETT Inspection.     Perhaps you can begin with your own pre-inspection, and fix anything that is obvious before I get there.  This may help save the re-inspection that may otherwise be necessary.   But even[...]

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