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Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

When did you last get your dryer vent cleaned?  Many never even think about it! But it is true, periodic cleaning is an absolute must! Over time, dryer lint accumulates in the laundry area, the dryer, and the dryer vent.[...]

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NFPA 211 – Inspections For Wood Burning Appliances

The NFPA covers well what should be done in a wood appliance inspection.  Below are some items of importance to keep in mind from the NFPA 211.  Unfortunately far too many SITE Basic Inspectors do not own, have never read[...]

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Ontario Firecode for Wood Burning Appliances

There are a couple of important paragraphs in the Ontario Fire Code which anybody owning a wood stove or wood fireplace should be aware of. Chimneys, flues and flue pipes (1) Every chimney, flue and flue pipe shall be[...]

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First Cross Laminated Timber High Rise Building Approved

Portland, Oregon have approved their first permits for an all wood based high rise building in North America.  This is a 12 story high building, constructed totally out of wood.   This is a special design however, large pieces of[...]

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A Few Things To Know About The Cankerworm

Just heard about Cankerworms on BT this morning, so looked up a few articles and read about them.  They are causing a quite a bit of concern in Mississauga right now as many trees are infested.  Sometimes Cankerworms are known[...]

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Do I Sweep Chimneys?

I have been asked if I sweep chimneys.. and the answer is yes.  In fact I did three this week. No it is not a full time job but I have been doing on weekends and part time since 1995;[...]

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I am totally discusted with some Home Inspectors doing WETT Inspections!

Time and time again I hear either directly or through the discussion with other Chimney Sweeps how Home Inspectors have messed up YET AGAIN on a wood stove inspection. Some of them are SO OBVIOUS.. and yet the Home Inspectors[...]

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Random Acts of Kindness

On Wednesday May 25th, Penetanguishene and surrounding communities will celebrate the annual Random Acts of Kindness Day. At lunchtime The Rotary Club of Penetanguishene will be hosting a free BBQ lunch and everybody is invited to attend!! The BBQ will[...]

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Don’t Forget The Bayside Market In Penetanguishene

Opening June 9th; and open each Friday from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm throughout the summer (last week is September 1st).[...]

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