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If you are buying a new home..

 a professional Home Inspection ..


You are looking at a home.  It is a huge investment, a big worry and can be stressful.  No house is perfect, each is different and most have some very complicated areas in HVAC, structure, electrical, etc.

The Home looks perfect!!  Often times some will think they do not need a Home Inspection!  In fact a couple of the biggest surprises I have encountered were in homes where the buyers said they almost passed on the Home Inspection, and in at a quick glance I can understand why they felt that way.

The sellers will often go to great lengths in staging and preparing the home to be sale ready, this can not be more so than in a “flip” home.  The flips can be sometimes quite good, but more often than not there are things which were hastily done and not quite right.  They paint, fix holes, declutter.. but only dressing over any major problems with the home.

A professional Home Inspection can give you the ADVANTAGE of having a person on your side who understands the structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and other areas of the home.

A professional Home Inspection can reduce the risk associated with the purchase of a Home.

When you call us for a Home Inspection, you get MORE.

Yes you get a thorough and detailed Home Inspection, yes you get a digital or paper report (your choice).

But also included are some major benefits:

  • Appliance RecallChek service – Your Home Inspector will record the model  and serial numbers from all built in appliances and HVAC equipment.  This then is verified against a comprehensive database for manufacturer’s recall notices. You receive a separate report directly to your email on each appliance, including contact information to take action if your equipment has had a recall issued.  See more here.
  • iVerify – Home History Report –  Our Home Inspection include a full iVerify/Home Verified Home History report.  These are similar to a Carfax report for an automobile and will include important information about the general community information, insurance claim records, and a cross-check against Canadian grow-op databases.  See more here.
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan – I have a thermal imager on all Home Inspections which is used to scan walls, ceiling and floors.  The thermal imaging camera can provide clues to water penetration, insulation problem areas, insects living within the walls, air leaks or broken heating ducts.  See more here.
  • Next Home Inspection Service – What if you decide to not buy the home after an inspection?  We will do your next Home Inspection at a $100 discount over the regular price, if performed within 60 days.
  • Ongoing Maintenance Inspection – If we performed your Home Inspection, we would love to come back and help you with a Maintenance Inspection.  We will do this any time, as long as you own the home.  Generally it is a good idea to inspect the major systems in a home every 3 to 5 years.  As a previous client, you will get a $150 discount on Maintenance Inspections the first 5 years, and $100 on all subsequent inspections after the five year period.

Home Inspection Cost

Home Inspection up to 3,500 sq. ft. $380.00
3,501 – 5,000 sq. ft $420.00
Greater than 5,000 sq. ft. Contact for Pricing
RecallChek Appliance Report Included!
Thermal Imaging Scan Included!
HomeVerified History Report Included!